15 Now Central Florida

15 Now in Central Florida will be launching our petition campaign on Saturday, December 13, from Noon to 3pm, to put Orange County and the City of Orlando on record in support of abolishing the state restriction on local ordinances that govern wages and working conditions and in support of the $15/hr. minimum wage.
We will meet at noon at the offices of Speak Up Florida, 513 W. Colonial Dr. #4, in Orlando. We will petition in nearby communities and public places.

Central Florida 15 Now is a grassroots coalition committed to winning a $15/hr minimum wage in Florida.

Initial endorsers of Central Florida 15 Now include Miguel Adams, Director, Speak Up Florida, Analise Alvarez, Melanie Alves, Benjamin Balak PhD, Associate Professor of Economics, Rollins College, Florida, Nelson Betancourt, Orange County Public Banking Initiative, Phyllis Hancock, President, A. Phillip Randolph Institute (Central Florida), Rich Hillwig, Orlando Light Brigade, Jim Howe, CWA local 3108, Diana Moore, President, Orange County Classroom Teachers Association, Victor Sanchez, President, Labor Coalition for Latin American Advancement (Central Florida), Louis Smith, CWA local 3108, Lorraine Tuliano, past President, Central Florida AFL-CIO, and Steve Wisniewski, President, CWA local 3108, and others.
15 NOW in Central Florida was initiated on September 3, 2014 at a meeting held at the Communications Workers of America, Local 3108 Union Hall. Steve Wisniewski, the President of Local 3108, said that “Local 3108 voted unanimously at our August meeting to endorse the national 15 NOW movement. We believe that, farmworkers, domestic workers, retail workers, communications workers, all workers, are entitled to a minimum wages that allows us to support ourselves and our families with dignity and pride, without relying of government assistance programs to put food on the table. A $15.00 per hour minimum wage is long overdue and a step in the right direction towards basic dignity for all working people.”
Phyllis Hancock, the President of the Central Florida Chapter of the A. Phillip Randolph Institute, noted that “Labor productivity has risen by 135 percent since 1968. If the minimum wage had kept pace with labor productivity it would now be $25.00 per hour. Blacks, Latinos, and immigrants have suffered for far too long with wages that cannot support a person working 40 hours per week. All workers deserves fair compensation for our work. Blacks, Latinos, immigrants, and Whites must unite to demand a living wage for all. A $15.00per hour minimum wage will be a giant step towards the dignity and respect that all workers deserve.” She cited http://backtofullemployment.org/2013/06/21/economists-in-support-of-a-10-50-u-s-minimum-wage/ as a source for the labor productivity improvements since 1968.

Join us!


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