It Felt Like Justice

$15 / hr. and the forces in play

September 4th 2014

“You might call it a small skirmish in the opening stages of what promises to be a long, hard war. It is hardly an equal fight, the opposing sides in no way symmetrical.

There were some 75 protestors, with predominantly Black and Latino faces, from organizations as diverse as Fight for 15, 15 Now, Green Party, Socialist Alternative, Awake Pinellas and the Orlando Light Brigade.



They formed up their skirmish line outside the McDonald’s at 56th and Fowler in Temple Terrace just outside Tampa. Fifteen had made the trip down from Orlando, where the night before 18 unionists and community supporters had just formed the 15 Now Central Florida chapter. That morning they had been part of an 80-strong demonstration for 15 in Orlando…..”

It Felt Like Justice- $15 / hr. and the forces in play

Click Here to see video from the event by 15 Now Tampa Bay.

Click Here to see more Pictures by 15 Now Tampa Bay


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