15 Now challenges St. Pete City Hall (2) | St Pete Local

Rose Roby Speaking at St. Petersburg City Hall.
Rose Roby Speaking at St. Petersburg City Hall.


You see, there is money involved.

The Tourist industry in these parts pays its politicians a lot of money to keep it in yachts and private golf courses. Big agriculture, whose workers sweat day to day to pick the oranges and lemons that are the trademark of our fair state, expects a fair return on their investments up in Tallahassee. The healthcare industry needs its army of nurses assistants who care for our elderly and empty their bedpans. Then there’s the so-called “Corrections” industry which counts on keeping our private prisons packed with those who couldn’t or wouldn’t live on, or couldn’t get at all, those starvation wages offered by the Sunshine State.

Very Big Money is involved here. They call it free enterprise. What free enterprise means is that the price of a politician in Tallahassee is set by the prevailing rate according to the free market, and they’re cheaper by the dozen. Big Money didn’t like this “decent and healthy life” stuff. Some poor fools might read that Constitution and take it seriously. So back in 2003 they passed Statute 218.077 which says, “a political subdivision may not establish, mandate, or otherwise require an employer to pay a minimum wage, other than a state or federal minimum wage.”

That took care of that. Then Orange County comes along with a ballot initiative to mandate paid sick leave, so they fixed that too. They tacked on “or to provide employment benefits not otherwise required by state or federal law.”

via 15 Now challenges St. Pete City Hall (2) | St Pete Local.


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