Corporations Screw Everybody

“Corporate executives don’t give a damn about their workers, and it’s all because of Reagan.

A new analysis released by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) shows just how much of a “screw the workers” mentality today’s corporate executives have.

According to EPI, in 2013, the share of corporate income that ended up in the pockets of the men and women who make corporate executives so filthy rich hit its lowest point since 1950.

And, as Think Progress points out, corporate profits “have risen nearly 20 times faster than workers’ incomes since 2008, and on the whole workers have seen a lost decade of stagnant wage growth.”

So, corporations are taking in more and more money, their executives are getting bigger and bigger paychecks, but the workers responsible for all of that wealth are barely seeing a dime of it.

Why is that?”

via Corporations Screw Everybody.


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