Due to state preemption, any wage related changes have to be won at the state level. We will be collaborating with groups in Tampa, Miami, and other areas to advance the $15Now movement in Florida.
Here in Florida we hope to build a broad coalition of support from organizations, and citizens for a $15/hr. minimum wage.
Study after study has shown the effectiveness of wage increases to have a dramatic effect on fighting poverty, with the potential to lift millions out of this economic trap. Combine that with the fact that poverty has a dramatic effect on crime, education, and both physical and mental health, an increase in the state minimum wage has the potential to alleviate so many of society’s ills.


Article X, Section 24(a) of the Constitution of the State of Florida states:
“PUBLIC POLICY. All working Floridians are entitled to be paid a minimum wage that is sufficient to provide a decent and healthy life for them and their families, that protects their employers from unfair low-wage competition, and that does not force them to rely on taxpayer-funded public services in order to avoid economic hardship.”
But according to the highly-regarded Living Wage Calculator for Florida issued by Poverty in America (not updated to latest data), the minimum living wage is $10.12, and for one adult raising a single child it is $20.68. Please note that public policy states that the minimum is to be “sufficient to provide a decent and healthy life for them and their families.”


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